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Stop Networking and Start Building!

Are you hoping your next networking meeting will be the one?

But you seem to be collecting lots of business cards and not making the connections that matter?

Are you getting tired of shallow introductions and soulless networking events?


The Associate Director of our North Cotswolds group, Clayton Manley, has some words of wisdom for you:

Stop networking and start building!

  • Build genuine longstanding relationships
  • Build a community of like-minded business owners who share your values
  • Build knowledge and skills that create value for your business and others.

When you focus on building, you grow a valuable network and your business grows with you.

Come along to an Opendoorz meeting and start building something truly meaningful.

Established 13 years.

12 groups.

150+ members.

300+ events per year.

1,000+ education sessions per year.

2,500+ one on one meetings per year.

Over £2million of business shared per year!

As as Associate Director, I have seen first-hand how when the foundations are strong the building develops fast, is durable and a thing of beauty!

Come and start your journey by joining us as a guest – just drop me a message…

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