Professional Networking Events in Oxford

Central Oxford was where it all began, back in January 2011, when we launched our first Opendoorz group.

Central Oxford was where it all began, back in January 2011, when we launched our first Opendoorz group.

The Jury’s Inn has just had a fabulous refurbishment and sits just on the Oxford ring road, close to Summertown. Business owners are welcome to join us for one of our networking guest events which are held the third Tuesday of every month.

Our meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of the month – the first meeting is exclusively reserved for executive members in order that confidential discussions and sensitive issues can be explored in a trusted environment. The third meeting of the month, which guests are personally invited to is primarily to expand business networks, make new connections and develop strong relationships.

We are selective when choosing our locations and look for venues that are sophisticated, elegant and conducive to not only business networking but are a great environment to mix business with pleasure. This makes the Jury’s Inn the perfect setting in Oxford for professional business networking – done the Opendoorz way!

Before the event our members can inevitably be found in the Marco Pierre White’s restaurant or the funky new cosmopolitan bar discussing new business opportunities and identifying ways in which they may be able to work together. What better way to network in Oxford!

After the meeting guests are invited to join us for further networking over a cool beer or a chilled glass of wine – it just gets better!

In the words of our Oxford members…

“Opendoorz as this has proven to be far more superior and focused than other business networking groups. It has enabled me to build strong, long term relationships where both parties feel confident and comfortable about referring one and other” Sam Farmer- Director White Oak Finance

“At Opendoorz I am making quality connections with businesses who are bringing me genuine business opportunities”. Maria Morris – Director NGI Finance

“Joining Opendoorz has unquestionably helped me to take my business to the next level”. Nikki Poole MD Hedges Law

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Aaron Rudman-Hawkins

opendz Feb 08, 2021

SEO - Aaron has a passion for all things digital and is a self-confessed 'geek'...

Alexandra Rae

opendz Feb 08, 2021

Financial Services - I love spending time with my family both here and in Sweden where I grew up...

Alexis Jaworski

Sonia Dec 10, 2021

Hurst Studios Photography - In my spare time I love martial arts ( Brazilian Jiu-jitsu) and playing golf. I have...

Ali Wiltshire

Sonia May 21, 2021

Bookkeeper/Management Accountant - I love amazing architecture, gorgeous gardens, my pals and...

Alun Williams

opendz Feb 08, 2021

Brand Strategist - Alun is a branding fanatic who collects advertising memorabilia...

Amanda Gowing

Sonia Jan 05, 2022

Fire and Security - I love to travel and explore different countries. My absolute favorite places to be...

Andrew Garland

opendz Feb 09, 2021

Business Growth Specialist -Andrew’s passion is travelling the world, enjoying the experiences...

Andy Holt

opendz Feb 09, 2021

Web Development - Andy has a passion for developing opportunities and working on new ideas...

Anna Garland

opendz Feb 09, 2021

Legal Executive - East Devon Law has come to Oxfordshire and Anna is enjoying growing the business...

Anna Newport

Sonia Jul 30, 2021

Solicitor - Four Children, two Australian Shepherds, one cat - what do you mean play?

Anna Rowe

Sonia Jul 30, 2021

Bookkeeper - Anna is passionate about business owners having total control over their businesses...

Anneli Thomson

opendz Feb 09, 2021

Sales Development - Works with ambitious companies to help their leadership team and...

Annie Haimes

opendz Feb 09, 2021

Interior Designer - Annie is passionate about design. She loves to take her clients on a journey, creating...

Anthony Donovan

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Learning Consultant - Anthony is passionate about learning and inspiring others...

Becky Hopkin

Sonia Mar 29, 2021

PPC Advertising - When Becky isn't helping her team deliver successful PPC campaigns, you...

Ben Fleetwood

Sonia Jun 28, 2021

Electric Vehicle Leasing - Electric Vehicle enthusiast, doing my bit to help companies move...

Ben Gardner

opendz Feb 09, 2021

Ecologist - Away from work when not introducing his children to the natural world, he can be found...

Brian Donnelly

Sonia Apr 07, 2021

Architect - Brian is an experienced Architect and has been living in Oxfordshire for 20 years. As such he...

Caroline O'Connor

opendz Feb 09, 2021

Marketing - Everyday I am inspired by my 3 amazing kids. All young adults who are striving in life...

Catherine Bond

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Accountant - Out of the office, Catherine's passion is Ballroom & Latin dancing; both teaching...

Chanelle Kirkum

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Recruitment - Nelly loves to spend her free time Dj'ing with friends, taking long-bike rides...

Chris Dixey

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Estate Agent - I am married with two kids, so a lot of spare time is taken up with entertaining two young boys...

Christina Cree

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Lawyer - In her spare time you'll find Christina walking the Cotswolds countryside and the...

Craig Muttit

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Mortgage & Protection Advisor - Besides spending time with the family and entertaining...

Daniel Barnes

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Financial Adviser - Daniel is a people person, who is as approachable as they come. A sports fan, and...

Daniel Kitchen

Sonia Nov 24, 2021

Wealth Management - A social animal, I enjoy being with people but also escape to the solitude and...

Daniel Vernede

Sonia Dec 13, 2021

Solicitor - Mountain Biking, long walks (and even runs) with my Dog and swimming are how I keep active...

David Camburn

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Video and Photography - Away from the Camera, David loves all sports, mountain biking, walking with...

David Haimes

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Business Coach - Outside of work he loves to spend time travelling, watching rugby, walking and biking...

David Worthington

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Currency Broker - We live Wendover, in the beautiful Chiltern Hills and spend time at the weekends...

Debbie Austin

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Accountant - Loves helping people and understanding their thoughts and feelings. Enjoys socialising, eating...

Debbie Robinson

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Home Moving Project Management - Mum to two gorgeous girls, Debbie invests heavily in the people...

Donald Tsang

Sonia Jul 30, 2021

Financial Adviser -

Emma Roebuck

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Graphic Designer - When she's not at the drawing board, she can mostly be found enjoying the great outdoors...

Erin Rigault

Sonia Oct 18, 2021

Mortgage Advisor - Besides mortgages, Erin is also a whiz with a paint brush and loves a family walk...

Helen Joy

opendz Feb 11, 2021

People Development Consultant -  Outside of work, she loves spending time walking the dog with her family...

Helen Parsons

Sonia Dec 03, 2021

Garden Designer - Helen believes in the restorative power of plants, gardens and landscapes. She loves...

Irene Dallas

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Commercial Lawyer - Irene knows the huge benefits in both working and playing hard - a winning deal is...

Jacob Wilson

Sonia Jan 14, 2022

Master Distiller - When not locked away in the distillery Jacob is always seeking new experiences, especially...

James Craddock

Sonia Oct 18, 2021

IT Support and Related Services -

Jane Fryatt

Sonia Jul 30, 2021

Human Resources - Jane loves cakes. Any type of cakes are fine...and tea. When not drinking tea Jane can...

Jane Middleton

Sonia Oct 20, 2021

Independent Travel Agent - Ever since her childhood Jane has always loved travelling and when she’s not...

Jason Kent

opendz Feb 11, 2021

IT Security - Jason has 30 years experience working in IT for both SMEs and multi-nationals.

Jeremy Hemmings

Sonia Dec 10, 2021

Brand Consultant - I live in Henley with my wife, two sons (16, 12) and Norfolk terrier. I play tennis and...

Jerry Edwards

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Insurance Broker - Jerry has a wealth of experience in providing the level of specialist advice...

Jim Gettings

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Kitchen & Bathroom Design - Jim has a passion for motorcycles and motorcycling and often tours...

Jo Bentley

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Business Consultant - My Passions: Realising The Dream: True Connections: Ambitious People...

Jo Spencer

Sonia Oct 18, 2021

Chartered Insurance Broker - Jo enjoys running and has completed the London Marathon twice....

Jo Sutherland

Sonia Sep 13, 2021

Marketing - In her free time she loves nothing more than walking her dog, Rocket in The Chilterns...

Jon Ellard

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Digital Strategist - Not your run of the mill digital consultant. Jon Ellard is a results-driven...

Jonathan Rawlins

Sonia Sep 17, 2021

Web Design & Development - Lover of family, motocross (retired) and running a creative...

Justin Rhodes

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Smart Homes - Justin worked in the automotive sports car and racing industry for 13 years...

Karen Marshall

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Mortgage Advisor - Karen lives in Upton with her partner, Brian and loveable Cockerpoo Ted...

Karen Underwood

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Conveyancing Searches - Karen likes to keep fit with classes or just walking with friends...

Kate Cooper

Sonia Jan 19, 2022

Architect - I am passionate about helping homeowners achieve a better way of living by designing bespoke...

Kirsten Phipps Get

opendz Feb 11, 2021

HR & Operations Consultant - Kirsten has lived a life less ordinary (so far). She leads a Brownie Guide...

Lisa Armstrong

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Recruitment - Lisa is married to Neil Armstrong, has 2 Son’s and a chocolate Labrador...

Lisa Benson

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Marketing Consultant - Things I love: my family (although they also drive me nuts!), skiing, Cornwall, fizz...

Liz Sparrow

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Architect - Liz loves the creative process of bringing ideas into reality. She loves collaborating with...

Louise Findlay-Wilson

opendz Feb 11, 2021

PR Consultant - Mum of four and wife of one, when she’s not making clients more famous, Louise can be...

Mark Barclay

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Financial Advisor - Often a noticeable addition to a party. Either in Barcelona with his daughter or at home...

Mary West

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Mortgage Broker - Mary likes to challenge herself and thinks nothing of hiking Coast to Coast...

Martyn Few

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Architect - Martyn enjoys the collaborative approach to designing with clients, which enables...

Matt Mannall

Sonia Nov 08, 2021

Estate Agent - Matt is married to Rachel with three small children which keeps life active together...

Matt Williams

Sonia Mar 22, 2021

Accountant - When he's not working on Cypher, Matt can be found at home relaxing with the family...

Matthew Richards

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Architect - Matthew is passionate about good sustainable design and really enjoys being able to...

Natasha Ellard

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Digital Marketing & Web Design - When not at work, Natasha loves spending time with her...

Neil Skinner

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Lighting Design Consultant - Neil is an Oxfordshire land-locked Geordie who has been missing the...

Nick Cockayne

Sonia May 12, 2021

Rooflight Manufacturer - A Yorkshire man doing missionary work in the Cotswolds. If I'm not...

Nicola Stapleton

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Solicitor - Nicola is renowned for doing things her way - docs to your doorstep, wine in hand and shoes...

Nicola Wallbank

Sonia Oct 20, 2021

Solicitor - When Nicola isn't helping clients work through their employment law problems...

Oli Pestell

Sonia Jun 23, 2021

Filmmaker - Oli is a creative filmmaker passionate about helping great business grow...

Oya Emir-Wilson

Sonia Jan 19, 2022

Telemarketer - Your Biz MatchMaker...~Want to carry out a telesales or telemarketing campaign and don't know...

Nikki Poole

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Solicitor - Nikki’s energetic desire to get the most out of life and to explore the world around her, leads her...

Peter Smith

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Accountant - Peter is a former President of Oxfordshire Chamber of Commerce and very proud to be...

Peter Yearling

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Corporate Financial Planner - I have given advice to many clients over the years, helping them with...

Phil Colmer

Sonia Nov 05, 2021

Accountant - I love all sport, both watching and playing (where the body still allows!) but especially...

Phil Saville

opendz Feb 11, 2021

IT Support & Solution Provider - After a busy week helping business owners with their IT, Phil likes nothing better...

Philip Waite

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Property Consultant - Phil loves skiing during the winter and sailing in the summer but sadly his work limits...

Rachel Tredwell

Sonia Oct 20, 2021

Travel Consultant -

Rebecca Woolmington

opendz Feb 11, 2021

HR Consultant - Rebecca loves shoes and outside of work can be found scouring the shops in London...

Rebecca Kashti

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Solicitor - In her spare time, Rebecca loves to play Real Tennis and to balance the competitive edge...

Rob Allaway

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Property PR - Rob is Managing Director at DevComms. Outside of work, Rob is now also kept busy with...

Rob Bohn

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Construction Project Management - I own a classic car that I enjoy tinkering with and going out for organised...

Rowan Waller

Sonia May 07, 2021

Estate Agent - Kayaking, hill walking, camping, trail walking, hiking, a bit of light running...

Ryan Irving

Sonia Sep 20, 2021

Web Design - Talk to Ryan about 90's Hip Hop, Newcastle United and running...

Sam Farmer

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Mortgage Broker - A keen sports fan who enjoys being a single figured golfer to running marathons...

Sarah Fitzharris

Sonia Sep 22, 2021

Private Dental Practice - Family is everything. A husband, 2 teens and 2 dogs keep me busy. Lover of...

Sharon Strickland-Clark

Sonia Sep 17, 2021

Leadership Coach - Playing hard looks a lot like dog walking, running and yoga until her three children have...

Shaun Nicholson

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Mortgage Broker - Outside of work he’s discovered that his life is no longer his own with two young...