Professional Networking Events in North Oxford

The Chesterton Hotel in North Oxfordshire is the home of our exciting North Oxford group.

The Chesterton Hotel in North Oxfordshire is the home of our exciting North Oxford group. The hotel
situated in Chesterton, just over a mile from Bicester, has been recently been refurbished and is stunning. It
is an ideal location for our networking events.

With the belief that business and pleasure can be combined the hotel offers us the perfect setting for our
members to meet and develop their business relationships in a relaxed and first-class atmosphere.

Successful business owners, partners and managers are welcome to attend one of our monthly guest events –
a great way to build a professional business network of trusted suppliers, strategic partners and potentially
introducers of business. These are always held on the third Thursday of the month and are by invitation only.
There’s always new contacts – plus great tea and cake!

Our executive members also meet on the first Thursday of the month where they share experiences,
expertise, ideas and challenges within a private, confidential environment. They are focused on supporting
and encouraging each other in all aspects of networking, business growth and development.

At Opendoorz we recognise the key to building a strong network does not lie in volume, but in bringing
together quality members with businesses of a similar calibre. We apply a selective criteria to potential new
members as each new members directly influences the business success of all the others.
In the words of a North Oxford member…

“The business I have gained through Opendoorz has more than covered any financial cost, but more
importantly it is a fantastic resource to interact with business peers” Peter Smith Partner M Group 

Meet our North Oxford members…

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Aaron Rudman-Hawkins

opendz Feb 08, 2021

SEO - Aaron has a passion for all things digital and is a self-confessed 'geek'...

Alexandra Rae

opendz Feb 08, 2021

Financial Services - I love spending time with my family both here and in Sweden where I grew up...

Alison Wiltshire

Sonia May 21, 2021

Bookkeeper -

Alun Williams

opendz Feb 08, 2021

Brand Strategist - Alun is a branding fanatic who collects advertising memorabilia...

Andrew Garland

opendz Feb 09, 2021

Business Growth Specialist -Andrew’s passion is travelling the world, enjoying the experiences...

Andy Holt

opendz Feb 09, 2021

Web Development - Andy has a passion for developing opportunities and working on new ideas...

Anna Garland

opendz Feb 09, 2021

Legal Executive - East Devon Law has come to Oxfordshire and Anna is enjoying growing the business...

Anna Newport

Sonia Jul 30, 2021

Solicitor - Middle-aged solicitor Anna Newport founded Newport Land and Law in 2017. After decades of...

Anna Rowe

Sonia Jul 30, 2021

Bookkeeper - Anna is passionate about business owners having total control over their businesses...

Anneli Thomson

opendz Feb 09, 2021

Sales Development - Works with ambitious companies to help their leadership team and...

Annie Haimes

opendz Feb 09, 2021

Interior Designer - Annie is passionate about design. She loves to take her clients on a journey, creating...

Anthony Donovan

opendz Feb 11, 2021

Learning Consultant - Anthony is passionate about learning and inspiring others...

Becky Hopkin

Sonia Mar 29, 2021

PPC Advertising - When Becky isn't helping her team deliver successful PPC campaigns, you...

Ben Fleetwood

Sonia Jun 28, 2021

Electric Vehicle Leasing - Electric Vehicle enthusiast, doing my bit to help companies move...

Ben Gardner

opendz Feb 09, 2021

Ecologist - Away from work when not introducing his children to the natural world, he can be found...

Beverley Sunderland

Sonia Mar 26, 2021

Solicitor - Beverley has a love of travel and has been most places - the Arctic, Antarctica and much in between...

Brian Donnelly

Sonia Apr 07, 2021

Architect - Brian is an experienced Architect and has been living in Oxfordshire for 20 years. As such he...