OSX Case Study

Why Business Networking

“The phrase ‘hand-crafted’ is incredibly important to us. It really describes how we, as a web development company, set ourselves apart from our competition. Everything we craft is built in accordance with a written specification. Our marketing efforts are very much focussed on a similar ethos to that of our website development projects, we personally build relationships and slowly nurture them. We could not do this without the power of networking.”

The Results

“In 2.5-years of being a member of Opendoorz we have earnt in excess of £85,000, I challenge you to find a more productive and rewarding networking group.”

– Andy Holt, Business Owner

Why Opendoorz

Being a well-established business means that Andy and the OSX team can be selective about the projects that they work on. They learnt early on that the majority of web development agencies are looking for large volumes, where a templated system is deployed for multiple clients. Andy’s focus is about nurturing relationships with business owners so that when opportunities are identified projects can be developed. Having explored many networking groups there was always something missing; the calibre of members. Andy was introduced to Opendoorz through an existing member and as a guest attended both the Cotswold and Oxford groups. He immediately felt part of the team but most importantly it was the calibre and professionalism of the members which cemented his membership.

The Opendoorz Approach

Andy is a huge advocate of the Opendoorz format, “it was so refreshing to find a group of proactive, professional and open-minded business professionals all of whom have a similar focus in helping one another. This mentality is engrained from the moment that Sonia and Cathy (the Opendoorz Directors) identify new members and bring them in to the Opendoorz way of networking. As members, we all have the same willingness to support each other wherever it is needed, it is not just about making money, this naturally develops as you grow with the group. Not once have I had the feeling that attending a meeting would not be valuable, I leave every single meeting feeling refreshed and invigorated. Yes, we have a structure to follow but this just ensures that as individual professionals we develop our skills together and broaden our business knowledge.

The Results

Andy continues, “Opendoorz is the one networking group that really has made a difference to my business. The bottom line is that whatever our marketing costs are we need to be showing a profit, I know that for every £1 I spend with Opendoorz (and even when I take out the cost for my time and travel) I am getting at least £7 in return. From my 14 years of running my own company no other marketing activity has returned a better investment. However, it is not just the financial gain that I get from Opendoorz, as a small business the benefit to have two meetings a month where I can interact with other business owners is invaluable. I know that if I have an issue in my business, that if I need some advice on how to deal with a challenging client or I would like to explore a new idea then I have the perfect forum to discuss honestly, openly and without prejudice, it truly is the perfect solution for my business.

Sharing ideas, learning new practices, receiving feedback, developing your business – all within a supportive yet challenging environment – that’s the Opendoorz way.

Our Testimonials

No matter how good we think we are it’s what our members and guests say that matters most…