Sandler Training case Study

Why Business Networking

“The Sandler business ethos is to work with their clients to develop and sustain long term business growth. In order to achieve this, business relationships need to be nurtured and continually developed. Networking has always been one of our top 3 marketing activities that continually brings in new business opportunities.”

The Results

“If we are looking to make contact with a specific company then we know we can approach the Opendoorz team and they will pull out all the stops to help us find the right person to speak with.”

– Anneli Thomson

Why Opendoorz

Having always invested time and effort in networking it was important that Sandler found the right networking group. Historically they have always found there to be 2 types of groups, one for small micro businesses and business start-ups, the other for large corporations where the events are full of Sales Managers that have no purchasing power and are simply focused on sell, sell, sell. Anneli explains, “we have been to many business networking events and have always struggled with the calibre or attendee’s, however this all changed when we first experienced Opendoorz. It was like experiencing a first clear breath of fresh air. The ability to be in the same room with like-minded business owners all of whom have the same outlook was priceless.”

The Opendoorz Approach

A good networking group is one where the founders are proactively supporting their members to hit their individual business goals. Anneli explains, “both Cathy and Sonia are incredibly knowledgeable and are focussed on ensuring all of the Opendoorz members are committed to achieving success for the whole group. You cannot just turn up to a meeting and expect everything to fall in to place, Opendoorz is so much more than just monthly meetings. You have to put the effort in throughout the month, arranging insight meetings with members, it is all about nurturing relationships so that as a group we can all help one another to grow and prosper. The structure that Opendoorz has put in place is excellent, each meeting allows the right mix of business promotion with continual professional development sessions, all over afternoon tea in a vibrant and sharing environment.

The Results

Anneli continues, “our client base is built up of well established businesses that have ambitious sales goals. We do not deliver impact training, our focus is all about an ongoing commitment to achieving success where our clients stay with us between 3 to 5 years. It is therefore important that our marketing efforts are focussed on selective processes where we can clearly identify and define our target customers.

Whilst we have received business opportunities from Opendoorz, more importantly is the relationships that we he have forged. The development of strategic partners and good reliable introducers has been incredibly rewarding. If there is ever a company we would like to talk with then we know we can approach the Opendoorz network and an introduction can be made.”

Our Testimonials

No matter how good we think we are it’s what our members and guests say that matters most…