What Members say about Opendoorz

I am loving Opendoorz this year and getting a lot out of visiting the other groups. Both in terms of opportunities and real jobs and in finding super useful people that can make business and personal life more productive. I’m genuinely meeting other members (outside of my group) that I think will lead to something at some point…

Kate Cooper – Founder, Absolute Architecture

The business I have gained through Opendoorz has more than covered any financial cost, but more importantly it is a fantastic resource to interact with business peers. 

Peter Smith – Partner, The M Group

Opendoorz offers something very different to traditional networking groups. What I love…Not only are its members high-calibre and experienced professionals, but there is a focus on building relationships, sharing expertise, and encouraging professional development. Every meeting is structured to allow maximum benefit to be gained, and there’s always time for a sociable drink afterwards.

Philippa  Mills – Partner, Garrington Property Finders

In addition to referrals, the real value from Opendoorz membership has been access to other quality professionals. These new partnerships have improved the performance of our business and widened the scope of what we offer to our clients.

Rob Allaway – MD, DevComms

Opendoorz as this has proven to be far more superior and focused than other business networking groups. It has enabled me to build strong, long term relationships where both parties feel confident and comfortable about referring one and other.

Sam Farmer – Director, Nightingales Wealth Management

Opendoorz is a network for professionals, where the calibre of people, professionals and the conversations that are had are at a level that makes the investment in time more than worth the commitment.

Andy Holt – MD, OXS Ltd

I’m always impressed with the calibre of businesses Opendoorz attracts. It’s facilitated new business acquisition and allowed for new personal growth and business support.

Natasha Ellard – Director, Urban Element

I’ve been super impressed with Opendoorz, with robust processes and a clear strategy alongside a community of support, I feel buoyed to be a member.  As well as growing my connections, spending quality time ‘on’ my business and supporting my own development, I’m also hopeful that I can give back too – sharing some of my own knowledge and experience. 

Sam Kandiyali – Director, Target PR

During Covid-19 lockdowns the amazing open-group and private confidential support from this group of superb ‘business friends and professionals’ was worth its weight in gold. It’s a sobering thought to wonder how I would have managed if I had not joined when I did!

Neil Skinner – Director, SKR Lighting Design

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