The M Group Case Study

Why Business Networking

“As the President of the Oxfordshire Chamber of Commerce I have encountered many business networking events and have always recognised that it is a pivotal marketing exercise in developing new business opportunities. With the abundance of networking choices available today, my focus will continue to be on building long term relationships with like-minded business professionals.”

The Results

“The business I have gained through Opendoorz has more than covered any financial cost, but more importantly it is a fantastic resource to interact with business peers.”

– Peter Smith, Partner

Why Opendoorz

Peter is a strong advocate of business networking. Previously he was a member of BNI and is currently the President of the Oxfordshire Chambers of Commerce. He met the Opendoorz Directors, Sonia Kearns and Cathy Dunbabin, through networking and was impressed with their forward- thinking and positive mentalities. Upon hearing about the development of the North Oxford Group, Peter immediately recognised the benefits that it would bring. He had faith in Cathy and Sonia’s ability to develop a Group that brings like minded business professionals together who are supportive of one another and driven to help each succeed in their own individual businesses. The ability to be part of something new, with excellent growth potential, was also very appealing.

The Opendoorz Approach

As a networking organisation, Opendoorz really do set the best possible standards. Peter explains, “the foundations come as a result of Sonia and Cathy understanding networking within the business community. They have developed a format for the meetings which really does work. Every member is given ample opportunity to promote themselves and to heighten their business acumen skills through the interactive and incredibly rewarding continuous professional development (CPD) sessions. With the group’s focus to support one another, we all get the chance to enhance our presentation skills, offer peer- to-peer support and challenge one another when we need challenging. On top of this are the broad benefits of the monthly guest events where we have the ability to interact with a wider audience and further develop business connections.

The Results

Peter continues, “of course we all attend networking sessions to develop new business opportunities but I must admit the key focus for my Opendoorz membership is not just about making money. It is the ability to interact with like-minded business owners. We all meet collectively for business purposes but are not attending with the sole purpose of sell, sell, sell. Our approach is based on helping one another achieve our individual business goals, this really does bring broad business benefits and is what makes Opendoorz so special. On top of this, it is great to have the support of Sonia and Cathy, they are honest, approachable and respectful. Their dedication to the wider Oxfordshire community and their approach and commitment to local charities should not be overlooked.

Our Testimonials

No matter how good we think we are it’s what our members and guests say that matters most…