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Lavinia Milner

I consider myself an adventurous individual who loves exploring the great outdoors. I've lived in three countries - exploring is simply in my nature. Hiking, running, and leisurely strolls in nature are some of my favourite activities.I also really enjoy travelling off the beaten path with my husband and twins. There's nothing quite like embracing new experiences and fully immersing ourselves in our surroundings. It's the perfect way for our family to create cherished memories together.

Beth Foster

I love every part of exploring, whether it is land, sea or air! I am best left wild in nature. I work well under canvas and minimal luxuries. With a family spirit of 2 growing boys, I share the love with husband. Scouting. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. PTA, I Work with my hands in helping others exploring new adventures. You will always find me saying yes! Even if I have limited capacity!

Shaun Brownsmith

Outside of work I focus on spending time with my family and enjoying life. I am a coach for my boys junior football team, spend time cooking with my daughter and supporting my wife with her PTA role and running her business. This balance is really important to me having had 3 tumors removed in 2021/22 this reinforced this way of thinking further and often puts my family even more firmly at the front of my mind.

Regina Johnys

Regina enjoys travelling to new places around the world, equally happy exploring a city or relaxing on a beach, and combines this with a love of photography. She's an active member of her local running club, both for the fitness side and the social side! Long-suffering but optimistic Spurs fan.

Georgi Rollings

Life is better with coffee, wine, family (especially my daughters) and good friends. I'm an avid reader, and love to relax with my latest crochet project, otherwise you might find me out walking somewhere hilly!

Ursula Rice

Fascinated by our natural world, wildlife not plastic grass, always have a niche interest on the go - current faves are canals and narrowboats; amphibians; upcycling. I have two Hungarian Vizslas ( dogs with more energy than is sensible). You will find me in the country or the middle of town, rarely in between.

Lucy Davies

With 2 small children, 2 big dogs, a horse, a goat, hens and house that is in a permanent state of renovation, I don’t get much free time! I love spending time with my family and friends, exploring towns and the countryside and riding my beloved horse Tam.

Nicki Burge

When I'm not working you're likely to find me engaging in my two passions; football and music! I have been a season ticket holder at Cheltenham Town for over 20 years. I also perform as part of an acoustic duo called Stay Tuned so you will see me singing at events around Cirencester as well as running a monthly open mic night at our local pub!

Luke Doyle

I enjoy countryside walks in the Cotswolds and making the most of my time with family and friends

Kevin Mason

I'm a musician by training, and it still plays a large part in my life. I have a record company through which I publish my own stuff and recordings by other talented musicians from around the world, as well as a life-long collection of vinyl. Travel is also a life-long passion, along with photography, art, books, theatre and film.