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In the property sector and not networking? Are you mad?!

Opendoorz Directors Sonia Kearns and Cathy Dunbabin look at the benefits of joining Opendoorz for those in the property sector – there are many!

If you’re in the property arena and you’ve been thinking of joining a networking group but you’re a little hesitant (networking is just stuffy schmoozing isn’t it?) then THIS could be your sign to do it. Staid and stuffy Opendoorz is not – we’ll see you at the bar after the networking for a glass of bubbles!

At Opendoorz we help businesses to flourish. Our members are always keen to share their expertise and knowledge and benefit from others doing the same. We also want it to be in a fun environment, one that you actually look forward to attending – trust us we’ve seen enough dull networking events to know that these are not the way forward!

So for all those involved in property, here are our top five reasons why you should consider joining Opendoorz…drumroll please!

#1 Raising Your Profile to Make Connections

Networking is a great way to raise your profile not only amongst your sector but also with other business professionals. It’s a chance to get your name out there with people who you might not otherwise meet and to open new avenues of work. Share your ideas and your expertise and other members will recognise an opportunity, when it arises and they’ll be able to recommend you. This is where it pays to bring a positive attitude!

Property and construction consultancy, Ridge & Partners LLP, currently have three members within Opendoorz, Matt Richards, Martyn Few and Liz Sparrow, since joining they have secured £650k worth of business!

‘There’s lots of crossovers and complementary property skills and services within Opendoorz. We’re working in partnership with several different Opendoorz members, from builders to lighting designers and interior designers. It’s also opened up new avenues in types of work that we’ve not traditionally worked in.’ Liz says.

Outside of the property sector Ridge & Partners LLP is currently working with Energy PR, Action Coach, David Haimes and Urban Element.


#2 Collaboration 

In our June blog, Sonia discussed how hers and Cathy’s careers as village matchmakers might be limited and their talents wasted! But what they know is called for, is bringing together talented professionals who can form beneficial collaborations which are both supportive and prosperous for each company.

In fact when we set up Opendoorz as a professional membership network we based the model on the foundations of ‘Relationship, Opportunity and Success’ – the unifying link between the foundations? Yep, it’s collaboration.

Liz from Ridge spoke to us about how the sector specific ‘huddles’ that we have introduced across the nine Opendoorz groups have helped them to identify areas of collaboration and partnership.

“The huddles have been great for getting to know the wider Opendoorz members and develop a much deeper understanding of what they do. This has helped us identify more innovative ways to collaborate.”

Through the property huddle Liz has also been able to collaborate with members outside of the Oxford group she belongs to, such as working on a virtual project with Annie Haimes Interior Designs who belongs to the Henley group. We love seeing our different groups connecting!

This brings us onto our next point…

#3 New Introductions and Recommendations


Last month we were looking at the qualities Opendoorz members ooze, and whilst you don’t have to audition with a performance (wondering what on earth we’re on about it? Read the blog here) we are looking for trusted members who are looking to give as much as they get from it.

Liz Sparrow from Ridge & Partners LLP and Justin Rhodes of Chris Lewis Smart Homes have been working on joint ventures for their services, introducing each other to new and potential clients. And because we’re very discerning about who joins Opendoorz, you can recommend our members know they are the best of the best.

‘In fact, when Ridge were tendering for a particularly big local project, we knew three Opendoorz members who all had strong connections to the project and their validation of our work and services definitely helped play a major role in securing the win,’ explains Liz.

The new introductions have been valuable to both Liz and Justing, but a special recognition needs to go to Liz who recently invoiced over £250,000 for phase 1 of a project that Justin introduced her too – that’s an Opendoorz record – congratulations! Fizz all round! 

#4 Staying On top of Information and Ideas

As with many sectors, property is constantly changing and it’s important to keep a finger on the pulse with what’s going on. By casting your networking net widely it helps you to keep up to speed with what is going on in the industry as a whole and where there are potential opportunities for your company.

And because all of our networking events end in the bar there is a chance to have a more informal general chat about what is going on in your world of work.

 #5 Supporting Each Other

With a wealth of expertise knowledge between our members all businesses can benefit from the support and skill set of others.

‘There’s such a wealth of intelligence and skills that we’re able to use to help support our business. From marketing to professional development, we are collaborating with a wealth of expertise,’ explains Liz.

Alongside this our networking sessions mean that relationships can be strengthened as you’re regularly meeting each other and so we can support each other through the ever-changing world of business – we all need someone at some point.

Working in the property sector and thinking about joining a professional network then do get in touch to find out more and join us at a guest meeting – we’d love to see you!


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