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As business owners or as a business leader are we supposed to know it all?

Surely not, but how do we squeeze personal and professional development into a working week when we’re already time poor and wearing about 3 million hats.

It will come as no surprise that I am not an academic and formal training (visual thinker here), which in my mind conjures images of sitting with a huge about of text to consume and then assays of work to produce is not my idea of fun.


Well, I found my fix about 12 years ago when I first joined Opendoorz. As most I can’t say I joined Opendoorz because I wanted to learn. At the end of the day, it was about business growth, referral partnerships and revenue.

But from the outset and still today, I absolutely love my biweekly fix of learning. I think some of the most powerful things you can learn in business and life is from others. So, when we meet, we get to share knowledge and gain insight from each other. So many different experts in the room, with so many different life experiences. There is always something to take away and I often find the next day or over the course of the weekend I reflect and review that take away against my own business or personal situation.

I can’t calculate it in pounds and pence, but the value is immense for me.

I know this is only one of the many benefits of being a member of Opendoorz, but I extend an invitation to any business owner to visit and explore this as one of the benefits to you and your business.


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