West Berks

We look forward to welcoming Berkshire professionals to our West Berks group.

The venue of our West Berks group is Donnington Valley Hotel.

Located in the heart of Berkshire, where the charm, magnificent surroundings, and casual elegance of the privately owned hotel, boasting a luxury health club, spa and golf course sets this wonderful hotel apart.

Our meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of the month – the first meeting is for members only and offers a trusted environment for sharing business challenges and ideas. The second is a guest event for developing professional contacts, connections, a bit of learning and a lot of fun!

If you’re a business owner, partner or director and would like to meet local businesses then do join us – you’d be most welcome!

After the meeting guests are invited to join us for further networking and build on the new connections they’ve made over a cool beer or a chilled glass of wine – what’s not to love!