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Want to know how to be an award winning business owner?

We often talk about building and maintaining relationships with clients (and other Opendoorz members), but what about maintaining relationships with your suppliers? Opendoorz would not be able to function without the suppliers we use, as is likely to be the case for many of your businesses. So, it’s vital we support the businesses we spend our money with and make sure we show them our loyalty and how much we value them.

Here are our 5 top tips for maintaining professional relationships that keep the business flowing.

  • Show a little empathy
    Be tolerant of the pressure, anxiety and fear others feel and before you react to mistakes – ask yourself if this is out of the ordinary. Cutting a little slack occasionally will be hugely appreciated and will, no doubt, be repaid going forward.
  • Pay your invoices on time
    Cash flow can make or break small businesses. Ok, so you might be trying to conserve your coffers too but consider what the impact will be to your business if a supplier you rely on goes under? Pay your suppliers on time and keep the good karma going.
  • Use their expertise
    We use suppliers because they are experts in their field. Make use of that knowledge and experience by discussing issues with them.
  • Don’t shy away from difficult conversations Sometimes, there is no choice but to cut back on spending. Our advice is not to avoid having that conversation with your supplier. There may be a solution, a temporary way to keep the cogs turning, or even a short-term solution that allows you to manage without them.
  • Acknowledge your responsibilities
    As business owners we have a duty to look after our employees but also, our suppliers. They rely on our business and, just like good employees, we rely on them to keep our businesses running smoothly. Taking time to check in with them and ask if they’re okay will pay dividends in the long run.

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