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Sonny Uppal

Part of the Opendoorz family since Oct ’23

Play Hard…

Father to 2 amazing boys, surround yourself with amazing people and amazing things will happen, in life and in business.

Work Hard…

"Dreamer, you know you are a dreamer" always puts a smile on Sonny's face...

Helping clients navigate their next dream move, Sonny is always on hand with a smile, ensuring clients dreams are made.

Sonny and the team at Journey Mortgages are always on hand to help clients in various stages of their life, whether it is purchasing their first home, or looking into a retirement mortgage for later in life, they have access to a whole suite of financial products, helping a diverse range of clients. 

Journey Mortgages was found on the principle of Ethics, doing what's right for the client and to their needs. Having worked in various financial companies in the past, Sonny experienced first-hand how not to treat clients, and thus the Journey began, to help as many people achieve their mortgages goals. 

Having gone through the mortgage process himself, as well experiencing his own chain collapsing, Sonny customers know they have a broker they can relate to and trust with their own financial goals. 

"The most important thing for me, is to ensure our clients are happy and stress free. We are on hand to take away any anxieties and stress where possible, even if it's just an Ol chin wag on the phone to get something of their chests, we are here, ready to help!"

So, if you are after that broker who really does care, call Sonny and the team, and let them guide you on your Journey!

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