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Sarah Henderson

Part of the Opendoorz family since Sep ’23

Play Hard…

I am an artist, a mother, a meditator and love live music (with a penchant for heavy metal, a sign of my goth days!) I enjoy the gym, gardening and have a passion for large and ancient trees. I make sure I carve out time for adventures within the UK as well as abroad. One day I'd love to live in Scotland - I'm not Scottish but have an affinity with the place. I care about people and volunteer for many organisations and charities. Love makes the world go round and is central to my life with my fiancee and two children.

Work Hard…

Yolkdesign is a creative agency trying to make the world a bit better, every single day, and we love working with clients who have the same, simple ambition. By supporting businesses and organisations to build stronger brands and communicate more effectively we know that Yolkdesign plays a role in maximising the positive impact they make in the world.

This is our mission.

Good design isn’t just about visual appeal, it’s about storytelling, emotional connection and positive change that creates real results. Nothing makes us happier than supporting great companies that want to bring about lasting positive changes. We understand commerciality and the power that design has in creating tangible results.

There’s no secret shortcut, we take the time to understand client needs both as people and as brands. We don’t just articulate your product or service…we articulate your CALLING.

That’s different.

We can support with a wide variety of creative solutions including:

Corporate Literature
Promotions & Incentives
Advertising & Marketing
Strategy & Campaigns
Social & Digital Content
Video Creation (including storyboarding, audio and voice-overs)
Murals and Painting Services

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