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Sara Southey

Part of the Opendoorz family since Jun ’24

Play Hard…

With a mission to live in the now and thrive in my one life, my choices are driven by a "Hell Yes' approach. If I'm in, I'm in 100%. Including charity challenges, Crossfit, offroading adventures and spaniel chaos. With the hubby running a brewery and 2 grown up kids life is never dull!

Work Hard…

Not just a Personal Trainer - I help you Thrive and not just Survive!

When you thrive everything and everyone around you thrives - your business, your personal, professional and friend relationships - your energy, enthusiasm and drive for life drives everything you do and your health is the foundation of that ability to thrive.

Welcome to my entirely different approach to getting fit and healthy and living life fully – Body, Mind and Soul.

You are the answer to your health & fitness prayers. And I am here to help you do it!

Here’s my purpose:

To help you create great sustainable habits that work with YOU, with YOUR life, so that you can be YOUR fittest, happiest & most successful self for life!

Wouldn’t life be so much more fun if you didn’t ever have to worry about the next diet or force yourself to the gym just because you ‘should’? Wouldn’t it be great if you had the confidence to believe in yourself and not give a crap what others think? What if you could be fit and healthy YOUR way?

The Southey Way - Helping YOU find YOUR way

Strong in Body, Mind and Confidence

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