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Nick Allen

Part of the Opendoorz family since May ’24

Play Hard…

Food, family, sport and music are my thing. Not necesarliy in that order. I love going to gigs and festivals and love live sporting events. I always look on the bright side of life - that might give you a clue to what football team i support!

Work Hard…

"Every single person deserves a decent car, kind service and good value."

Cars are brilliant, think for 3 seconds just how much they enhance your life. The problems arise when they need to be replaced, Serviced or fixed . Thats what we do.

Plenty of garages are bad at cars. most are OK but really bad at people. This is why the experience with nearly every garage messes you up, people hate that feeling.

Whether its Car Sales, Servicing or Repairs or Vehicle Rental  We listen, provide solutions to your problem and deliver an outcome that works for you. Simple, Safe and Easy!

Life for our customers is better than anywhere else in the country.


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