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Natalie Murray

Part of the Opendoorz family since Dec ’23

Play Hard…

Work hard, play hard is pretty much our motto! Much of my time is spent looking after my 3 amazing children. We dance, we football and we walk the dog. We tidy up after all those things and we go again. Aside from that, I love a night out with friends or a day listening to live music at a festival (or just music). I try to keep fit and do a bit of running where I can.

Work Hard…

where law meets design.

At lawbox, we help innovative, creative and sustainable companies enjoy legal services as a proactive investment in their business.

  • we listen to you and offer flexible, accessible legal services to support your growing and scaling business

  • you’ll get simple, straight-talking legal advice – no jargon or legalese!

  • we help you to understand the legal solutions your business needs, collaborating rather than just presenting you with them

  • your documents are designed with your end users in mind, and can be visualised to suit your style

  • Onwards! Our purpose is to educate and empower so that others can achieve. We work with you so that you can keep moving forward as a force for good.

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