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Kevin Costelloe

Part of the Opendoorz family since Apr ’24

Play Hard…

Father of two older teenagers, dog lover, poker, skittles and scrabble player! Love most sports, especially rugby, basketball and baseball.

Work Hard…

Blossom Vehicle Leasing supply all new cars and vans available in the UK, to business and personal customers alike. Established in 2008, the majority of our customers lease, though we provide all types of finance depending on what best suits our customers. We'll take the time to truly understand 'pains' and needs and provide an appropriate solutions...and we deliver free everywhere in the UK! 

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and we were delighted to receive recognition for this when we were presented with the  'Best In House Team' award with one of the UK's biggest vehicle funders recently.  

For some of our bigger customers we also offer a full 'Fleet Management' service which includes (free) access to our customer vehicle portal - a great tool to help Fleet Managers and business owners manage and keep track of their company cars and vans. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we love what we do! We're experts in our field and get huge satisfaction when we help people save money and make better, more informed decisions regarding their vehicles and funding choices. 

Look forward to speaking to you soon and learning more about your business too! 

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