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Carmen Rose-Davidson

Part of the Opendoorz family since Sep ’23

Play Hard…

You'll find me singing at the top of my lungs to power anthems and dancing like no one is watching. I enjoy exploring the latest fitness craze, going on new adventures and meeting people serendipitously.

Work Hard…

93% of communication is from body language and vocal tone. Which means only 7% of communication is from content information. Would you like a sense of vocal effortlessness? More of a powerful presence? Deal with crippling nerves before public speaking? Whatever your goal, Voce Vita is here to help bring to life your voice.

My name is Carmen Rose Davidson and I am a professional vocalist with over 20 years of extensive vocal & performance training and experience. I'm here to bring life to your communication skills. Help you engage, connect and communicate with integrity through tried and tested techniques tailored to you. I am driven to impart the wisdom keys I received to help you become a formidable vocal force.

I've had the pleasure of helping award-winning companies and individuals  reach their public speaking goals., it’s been amazing to help clients harness their voice and increase their confidence.

 According to the Holmes report, companies have lost $37 billion across the US and UK due to poor communication skills.

Now, why hire a professional vocalist to help you as a business leader? As vocalists, we excel at using our voices to elicit a desired response. Sometimes, we only have 1 minute to captivate an audience through our voice and body language. It’s our job to sound clear & amazing with the least possible effort. We have to be effective and efficient. Successful business speakers need to do the very same.

 At Voce Vita, we believe effective Leadership equates to clear communication, and it all starts with your voice.

I am dedicated to seeing our clients connect with charisma. Our goal is to help you use your voice passionately from a place of peace.

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