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Camilla Rogers

Part of the Opendoorz family since Mar ’24

Play Hard…

Time with my young son by the sea is wonderful. I’m into my fitness (to justify my love of food!) & I love to throw a party - I’m told they’re legendary! A chilled glass of Champs, great company & some questionable dance moves means I’m a happy bunny!

Work Hard…

Our mental health directly impacts our ability to show up at work and perform. When an employee’s mental health is flagging, it can take a huge toll on them and the team around them. Productivity takes a hit, along with the company’s bottom line.

Deloitte reports that employers see an average ROI on staff mental health of £5.30 for every £1 spent. The vast majority of support available to employees is reactive and poorly signposted, with many barriers to entry.

Fifty50 is an award-winning mental health consultancy with a niche in prevention and early intervention. We partner with people-first organisations looking to invest in their people's mental health and fitness to create and sustain a high-performance, high-growth culture.

Our approach blends high-performance coaching with a therapeutic touch. We train our coaches to competently navigate moments of distress and confidently coach on the mental health boundary of therapy. Our confidential and preventative approach ensures we catch people before they fall, plus we also attract those wanting to invest in their personal development. 

Our insight reports capture the emerging themes gathered from coaching sessions, informing strategy and driving action to better support cultural and people needs.

We also offer a suite of manager-focused training programmes, workshops & a monthly subscription service providing access to an app to access a one-stop shop for all employee wellbeing needs.

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