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We’re delighted to welcome business profesionals to our monthly guest events in and around Oxfordshire

Nicola Stapleton

Became a member of the Opendoorz team January 2017

Play Hard…

Nicola is renowned for doing things her way – docs to your doorstep, wine in hand and shoes to die for! Other than that time with her family and friends is high on the agenda.

Work Hard…

With a desire to provide a personal service, build relations, and fix fees, Nicola felt the only way forward was to create a new firm, created quite unlike the usual traditional firms in Oxford. The concept took off, and to date, she has 2 offices based in Eynsham and Kidlington.

At Beechwood they have a work ethos quite different to most law firms.

They aim to provide a personal service at a fair price, and  want you to come back and use them time and time again.

Usually, they don’t time record, don’t charge by the clock, but work on fixed fees wherever they can.

They come to you where possible, speak plain English, and answer the phone!

Nicola’s motto is ‘We try to learn from you and work with you’.

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