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We’re delighted to welcome business profesionals to our monthly guest events in and around Oxfordshire

Neil Stead

Joined the Opendoorz crew in July ’22

Play Hard…

Spending time with family and friends plays an important part of my life. As does being outside – be that walking our family dog Lola, being out in the garden, or working ‘on the tools’ one day a week!

Work Hard…

With over 30 years experience in corporate business, Neil has amassed an extensive set of skills and know-how. And it’s this experience, linked with his passion to support others excel at what they do, that gave Neil the foundations for his business.

Steady Consulting.: helping small businesses to achieve more.

The four consulting service pillars are designed to provide expert guidance and support across a business or organisation.

STRATEGIC : Focusing on high-level business objectives and strategies, evaluating their efficiency for achieving your ambitions, and guiding towards improvements.

OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT : Identifying opportunities to create the highest level of efficiency possible allowing more to be achieved in less time, and maximising profit.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE : Analysing everything related to the customer’s perception and feelings about the business – and developing ways to ensure a positive experience at every interaction.

EMPLOYEE MENTAL HEALTH & WELL-BEING : Equipping businesses with an improved understanding of, and tools to support, the mental health and well-being of their employees in the workplace.

Using a three-stage approach (define | develop | deliver) Steady Consulting can tailor an approach that’s right for the business. This could focus on one, all, or a combination of the consulting services; all of which address factors essential for a business’ growth.

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