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Mike Foster

Part of the Opendoorz family since Nov ’23

Play Hard…

I like nothing more than enjoying a relaxing meal with friends or family at a great location. Love my sports, especially Football and Basketball.

Work Hard…

I help ambitious ‘Service’ Business Owners to attract more Qualified Leads, convert more of them to paying Customers & deliver their promise with Operational Excellence, all whilst enjoying the Entrepreneurial journey

A Business Mentor who has revolutionised the way traditional business coaching works, having transformed hundreds of ‘service’ businesses in a sustainable, supportive manner, by multiplying their qualified enquiries with a rhythmic flow, dramatically improving the conversion of those qualified leads to paying customers, whilst significantly improving the way the promise is delivered each and every day without reliance on the business owner.

I support ambitious 'service' business owners to:
1. Start, develop, market, scale and grow their businesses,
2. Enjoy each step of their journey &
3. Increase revenue + profits that ultimately provides more choice in their personal and professional lifes.

I'm not your traditional coach and personalise my experience and knowledge to your business.

After a decade of running my own businesses and now with 10+ years experience as a Mentor, I have helped hundreds of clients to create a strong foundation, achieve their goals, and have the business their hard work deserves.

To see my RESULTS and impact, please see the 'Recommendations' on my profile below.


My purpose is to support others to achieve the success they define. I do this by helping my clients to visualise, plan, maximise their time and execute with motivation whilst providing accountability. With my broad rounded business knowledge and experience, I will support you with a valued contribution to your key decisions and help you obtain the business your hard work deserves.


To help my clients take control of the business they deserve, whilst sharing my passion for helping business owners to achieve the success that they define themselves. I support my clients from where they are now to where they want to be, with a plan to meet the gap. I also act as a sounding board, as running a business is often a lonely place. I provide an additional pair of ears and eyes to contribute, challenge and share my experience or case studies to spark or fuel my clients thoughts.

SPECIALITIES Strategist, Innovative, Business Development, Leader, Entrepreneur, Collaborator, Connected, Connector, Business Growth, Start-Up, Relationship Marketing, Networking, Finance,


Could I help you and your business develop in the way you really want it to?
Could I keep you accountable to do the things that you really need to do, without distraction and have the business your hard work deserves?
Could I be an external resource supporting your business?
Feel free to Call, Email or DM me and let's talk?


The Entrepreneurs Mentor.

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