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Louise Lithgow-Dicker

Joined the Opendoorz gang in March ’22

Play Hard…

Louise is passionate about life and loves living in the Cotswolds with her family and rather a lot of animals!

Work Hard…

I love working with business to make HR simple and manageable for their business.  At Go HR we do the HR so business owners can focus on running their business.  There is no one size fits all so my team and I take the time to understand our clients.

What we do? – We take away the HR burden from business owners.  We support the whole of the employment lifecycle.  From starting to leaving and everything in between.  We recognise that being a business owners means learning about all aspects of your business and we have here to support with all the employment law knowledge and practical guidance to manage people successfully.

How we do it – We have a team of HR professionals who can provide both remote and face to face support on any employee situation.  We are very proud to provide our clients with the Go HR Toolkit, which is an online library of lots and lots of HR support guides and material to aid clients every step of the way.  We also want to take away the burden of manual HR processes so we also set them up with a HR system so to take away the manual HR processes so no more spreadsheets taking annual leave.

Are you a Business owner looking for a HR Consultant who specialises in owner-managed businesses?

Do you feel unsure about how to manage employee situations so do nothing?

Are you spending too much time trying to sort out employee challenges?

Would you like a HR Partner who understands that your business and employee goals are key to your success?

I specialise in supporting SME’s and take the people management burden away from business owners.

I want all businesses to be successful and to deliver what you want. So, my service is tailor-made to help business owners manage their employees to do just that.

I will business owners to answer all employee related questions, such as:

  • * Contracts:
    • Do all staff have to have one?
    • What should be in it?
    • When should I issue it?
  •  Pay:
    • What should I pay my employees?
    • What is the minimum wage/Living wage?
    • When does it change?
  • GDPR:
    • What information should/can I keep on employees?
    • What’s the best way to hold employee data?
  • Legislation:
    • What do I have to do?
    • How do I make sure I comply with employment law?
  • Probationary period:
    • How long does it have to be?
    • How much notice do i have to give during the probationary period?
  • Holiday:
    • How much holiday do employee get?
    • What do you pay when an employee is on annual leave?
    • How much holiday does a part time employee get?
  • Redundancy:
    • Can I make a person redundant?
    • What is the process for redundancy
  • Termination/Exiting the business:
    • How do I remove an employee who is not performing?
    • An employee has resigned what do I do?
  • Family Friendly:
    • An employee had said they are pregnant. What do I do?
    • An employee has requested shared parental leave. What is that?
    • What do I have to pay when an employee is on paternity leave?

Why Louise? – I get HR situations done so you can move forward. Of course I’m a highly experienced Senior HR Professional providing ethical and reliable business focused solutions in both single and multi sites businesses across the UK. Skilled at influencing business owners in the delivery of challenging change programmes through personal credibility. Self motivated, can do attitude, goal orientated with the ability to respond to multiple requests within a changing environment.

We have clients across all industry sectors and have experience of working in Construction, Media, Events & Hospitality, Manufacturing, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Telecoms, Financial Services, Agriculture and Automotive sectors.

Interested get in touch and let’s get to know each other.

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