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Kate Holden

Joined the Opendoorz team in Dec ’22

Play Hard…

Kate’s favourite places to be are two-fold: firstly in a taverna on a Greek beach, having spent the day with family swimming and chilling, with sandy feet on warm wood, enjoying the first ice cold Mythos of the evening! Secondly in a country pub, it is autumn, the air is crisp and the pink late afternoon skies are growing dark, the dog is tired, friends have suggested a glass of red and the fire is on. Yes. Booze in both of them.

Work Hard…

Passionate about SMEs, about helping founders and their teams to succeed and grow their business in the direction they want. Keen to take the pain away from the dark art of finance and shine a light on the value your numbers can bring.

Kate has over two decades of experience working in both the private and public sector at director level. She has experienced many different ways of working, and has faced many challenges as part of both large and small organisations. She’s tough, like SAS, trust us, you want her on your team. Kate has founded and run her own consultancy business in Scotland, and combines the core values of integrity, collaborative working, and strategic vision, all underpinned by a hawk-like attention to detail that has the team quaking in their boots, and clients in rapturous applause. Qualified at Ernst & Young, she honed her commercial experience at The Walt Disney Company; and has supported the improvement ethic of healthcare regulation as Director of the South Central region for NHSI. Kate brings commercial experience and gives credible, deliverable guidance.

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