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We’re delighted to welcome business profesionals to our monthly guest events in and around Oxfordshire

Andrew Garland

A member of the Opendoorz crew since Feb ’19

Play Hard..

Andrew’s passion is travelling the world, enjoying the experience of new cultures and various gastronomical treats and wines those regions have to offer. His dream is beginning to unfold, that is; living in Italy. The language barrier gone, it is now just a matter of finding that ideal Tuscan villa.

Work Hard..

Who is Andrew?

At the heart of Andrew’s success is an insatiable desire to coach people and teams to make high quality and independent decisions. He has an unrelenting desire for success which rubs off on everyone he comes into contact with.

With over 30 years’ transforming and growing businesses, Andrew has a reputation for delivering results. Andrew can point to significant working experience across a diverse range of business and cultural environments. He worked his way up from an engineering apprenticeship to senior executive leadership roles across several different countries.

Andrew understands those common ingredient that make businesses great. After years of practical experience, Andrew completed a Masters of Business Administration which has allowed him to masterfully apply new found knowledge to his working experience, providing him with a great platform to help business owners and executives.

Andrew has an in-depth understanding of all aspects of modern day businesses from marketing to operations, finance to customer service and change management.

“There is nothing like having worked in a business to understand and appreciate the pressures business owners face.”

So, why would you consider working with Andrew?

Andrew has been in your situation, he has been a business owner and actively worked across most executive positions and has an appreciation of the challenges, no matter how small or large. He can be trusted to maintain confidentiality, is objective, honest and will hold you accountable with the facts.

Andrew has considerable experience working within businesses from PLC, large privately held, medium and small sized business to family and community based organisations.

Where are you today with your business?

As a business owner chances are you started your business because you were good at delivering that unique product or incredible service. Andrew has found in coaching sessions that it doesn’t necessarily mean you are as good at getting the best out of your team, or know the hundreds of strategies that can increase the profits in your business. Too often owners find themselves the poorest paid or working the longest hours to support the business in discovering these things.

There is no short cut to success. To learn all of the strategies of business growth takes decades of study and application of that learning. You are fortunate to have access to the best, tried and tested business growth systems in the world through Andrews coaching connections.

Andrew is passionate about sharing knowledge, learning and self-development, but more importantly he enjoys helping people make the right decisions. He will push you to learn and apply those learnings with structured guidance and support every step of the way. Andrew is a caring and ethical family man whose values are based upon honesty and integrity.

Why would you consider having a chat to Andrew?

“Because being in business should give you more life”

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