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Alex Dean

Joined the Opendoorz gang in Oct ’22

Play Hard…

Sports (watching them sadly), socialising, family, friends, holidays, and my dog. If it doesn’t fit into one of those categories it’s just not me. So… if you know of anywhere in the world you’d recommend spending time with friends and family whilst watching sport in the sun, let me know!

Work Hard…

Be More Effective is a growth enabling consultancy, specialising in helping businesses grow through the attraction, retention, and development of the best people.

Our recruitment function is designed to remove the emotion and opinion from the process and allowing clients to focus on the data and facts.

Using our unique approach, we begin by building a picture of what your business looks like, the dynamic within it and what will or won’t work for a new hire in a specific role. We can then use this data to generate a specific job description, advert, and competency-based interview.

This approach is just the beginning of our process and will significantly reduce the likely of adding to the statistic 20% of new hires leave within the first 45 days.

Once we’ve identified top talent and profiled them to make sure they will work with the existing team and culture in your business, we’ll interview them and career profile them for you, highlighting exactly what that individual candidate needs to be successful as well as giving you recorded competency interviews.

Finally, we’ll assist you in planning a day on site with that one candidate, the only one you’ll meet, saving you time too. You won’t need to interview them, all you’ll need to do is get them involved, and see the real them.

We run your recruitment with you, ensuring your business only hires the right people for the right reasons, in the right way. Helping your business grow from the inside out.

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